If you had one hour to code something to sell, what would it be?

3/12/2019 10:09:13 AM

Jake Serrano

20 Answers

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A bunch of loaders. Every website needs them.


It might be something to notify you when data/images are automatically stored in areas like %APPDATA%. Or, perhaps it'd be anti-malware directly targeting stegonagraphy, and to scan downloaded images of which could possibly contain hidden scripts made with malicious intentions. If I had the time, I'd combine those two ideas.


I don't think anything I write in one hour will sell for much.


For me, if your position is a freelancer is quite easy because you can ask a client for their requirements or design perspective, and if you are really know about web development, you can use a bunch of templates, on the internet, change it a little bit and just make it specific to the client requirements. That's doesn't take much time to do


It would probably be computers or apple products...


A simple game


A game


A cute taco gif


The title of the page (im a totally begginer, dont judge)


A static fast accesing website. To be honest, I don't code much on web.


A quote like image


A small Web Template


well, the only thing i can think of is a simple web application, like a calculator, todo list, calendar, or a timer. or you can make a web template for a portfolio website, that would be easy and quick, too


a not for profit app that helps link people with mobility accessibility problems to local people in the area for help- eg: “help replace my lightbulb” (because), i have sma (spinal muscular atrophy) and cant do it - similar to app “be my eyes”


A website,thats better


Them for laravel


A webpage for life insurance


An Online Mart


an app with hidden malware lol