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Sometimes I feel too old to start coding. Any advices?

Sometimes I feel too old to start coding, since I started, I have meet people under their 23 that are already seniors on coding and have a good job etc etc because they started on their 15 or so. So it really get me down sometimes and scared of not learning enough to get a related- job before my 30s (Im 28 btw. ) Any advice to keep me in hope?

3/10/2019 7:51:59 PM


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Too old at 28? Don't be ridiculous :) I am 38 and I keep learning new things on the job all the time, and I recently started picking up python and java. Programming languages change, evolve, come into and go out of fashion... A good programmer should have a good understanding of data structures, algorithmic thinking, problem solving skills, communication and team work. If you can handle this and are not afraid to keep learning till the rest of your carreer, then it will be a good choice for you. Last month our company hired a microbiologist and a sociologist into a junior javascript/java developer position. So you are totally not late.


KarlaP Rest assured... most people under 23 aren't senior programmers, even if they started at 15. In fact, so many who have programmed for 10 to 15 years are unaware that they are barely intermediate. I wouldn't worry about comparing yourself to others based on age, gender, or experience. Rather, the key factors to focus on are as follows: - Your aptitude for learning. - Amount of time you can commit. - Your ability to think logically and abstractly. - Your ability to focus for many hours working through challenging concepts. - Your ability to overcome insecurities. - A high threshold for stress before you're affected. - Ability to be comfortable constantly being out of your comfort zone. These are the things that matter. I'm speaking as someone who has hired and mentored many people throughout my 23 years as a professional software engineer. Keep at it and figure out if you really have the aptitude to learn. Then you can go from there. Wishing you the best of luck.


I don't want to tell anything more Because you can see in this comment section Like Paulo Coelho said If you want something by your heart then the whole world will stand with you So Go on Go as much as you can, as much you wish for You are not alone, you will not be.


You started! Thats great. You broke the first barrier. Guess what, you are not the only one who feels inferior at the start. Most of us did. Among the many things that help; 1) don't compare yourself to others. You don't have to be exactly like them. Just keep improving yourself. 2) If you can't stop thinking of those who are doing better, see what you can learn from them....and improve urself 3) Remember 1...and improve yourself ;-) #keep_coding.


Keep learning. 28 is not to old for anything. Which job do you want? --> find people who can help you --> which language do you need --> learn this language (later: search for coding interviews) Try to practise everyday. Learn every day. (at least one hour) Use the search bar in the q&a section ("job"). You will find a lot of discussions about how to find a job.


She is 81 year old IOS Developer...


Just because you meet younger or more successful people, don't let that put you off from following your dreams. Focus on yourself not others. Only focus on others to be inspired by them to achieve what you want and not to be discouraged.


Too old to code? I've been coding (programming) since the mid 1970's. When, I thought I might be too young. (8) I'm in my 50's now and just decided to learn python. Will I be able to compete in the job market? That is not my goal, but for someone who has that goal. My advice is to become a master of your technique. (useful in whatever language you choose) Writing code that is concise, efficient and is not wasteful of resources is ,imo, far better than code that is bulky, bug infested and reliant post-production patches in order to function. Precision over speed. Quality over quantity. You might actually be in a better mindset now, versus a coder who is younger and willing to take shortcuts. If you have not already done so, consider adding ethics, philosophy and logic to your studies. (not all at once) Good luck and "Get learnt."


Thanks David Carroll and Tibor Santa! What you shared is so inspiring. I felt same like KarlaP when I started to learn coding a months ago. Have no CS background and have never done coding through out my life but I am always interested in learning design and felt I should start learning programming languages which could help me to understand and become better👍👌😊


i wish i was 28 when i realised the need to code. instead, i started to code at 32 and am now 34. and i dont regret it. bear in mind however that coding is no joke. it is difficult, so make sure that you cover your basics computer knowledge such as the ability to type, keyboard shortcuts, and most importantly, good study skills which involves self regulated learning and metacognition. in essence, learn how to learn effectively, because it could be the difference between you learning it in 2 years or in 4 years. it is still worth it even if it takes 4 years to learn as the demand for programmers is growing.


You're never too old to improve yourself . Only compare yourself to yourself. Do what makes you happy. Happy Coding👍☺️


Thank you rudolph flash! I assume we might be around same age. It's just that would say I have just started & you started your journey 2.5 yrs back. Congratulations! You got ur first job and hope you grow more and succeed!


you only get old when you stop learning, it not in all cases you need to search for a job, you can also create yours too for the upcoming developers, world wide, some great man and women on the planet were drived by the zill of not getting a job and too old, to creating their own company, if you can't get a job, then start thing like a person who is gonna give others job


wiwey Please keep the language appropriate.


You are NEVER to old to start coding. NEVER too old to continue learning. And NEVER too old to stop improving yourself.


You are never too old to start programming! My grandpa is 83 & he JUST started programming! 28 is young you could still make a living off of it!


These posts made my day! I'm 32 and stuck in a job I'm not really happy with. Just recently I've got into coding. Ive had the same things on my mind, that I'm too old to be getting started. So I was very happy to see that everyone of all ages can take a stab at this! Very very grateful to find this app!


MonicaL I'm also 34 🙌 maybe getting slower, but making it up by being wiser. 🧐😸 Or that's at least what I tell myself 😜 So KarlaP ,for both mine and your sake, I definitely hope you're not too old ☺️😁 Good luck, and stick with what you want to do! If that's coding, then stick with coding 👩‍💻


wiwey do not use inappropriate words here, please!


It depends on how you truly feel about programming. If money is the first thing that comes to mind when asking yourself "is it worth learning this skill at my age?", then most likely programming isn't for you and it never will be. You need to approach this with a hobbyist mind set. Set your primary goal to be, to learn and create. Crawl before you sprint. The money will come some day, but there is also the never. But as long as creating things and adding to your portfolio makes you happy, then what's stopping you? Procrastination, self doubt, and uncertainty is. So be strong minded and defeat them. You will one day look back and be glad you did. Here's one of my favourite quotes I once read on a book by a Major League Baseball player: "Do something long enough to become proffesional at it, and some day, somebody out there will eventually pay you to do it." So don't feel unmotivated because some 15 year old achieved something you been wanting to do in life. It's never to late to start now. The more you wait around, the less time you have to study. So get on your computer and start programming. It doesn't matter what, as long as your screen is filled with some sort of code. That's the only thing that matters. And remember, it doesn't matter what language you choose to learn. All code is good code. So pick a language for whatever it is you wish to achieve and write away. Good luck!