What are the reasons why some moderators get banned from Sololearn? Are these reasons in addition to the ones for normal users? | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


What are the reasons why some moderators get banned from Sololearn? Are these reasons in addition to the ones for normal users?

I was surprised to hear that some mods get banned. According to a post by Kuba, which I will attach in the answer section, the main reasons for normal users getting banned include challenge abuse, code theft and rudeness. I am curious to know what the additional reasons are for mods. E.g. is there a moderator code of conduct that is sometimes violated?

3/8/2019 12:17:48 PM


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The reasons to ban a mod do not differ from the reasons to ban a user. Although the team tries to make sure that users apply to the rules before even take them into consideration for a mod nomination to minimize the risk 😉 We do have guidelines, but being banned is not really a topic there. https://www.sololearn.com/Moderator-Guidelines/


The question has already received an answer but just to reiterate, do not copy paste code that you don't own. That is code plagiarism and is as serious as any form of plagiarism. If you want to use someone's code, make sure to give an attribution. E.g a link to the original post and author. 2. Do not spam posts and other users. Writing in a language no one understands, using links to existing websites as your name can also get you banned. 3. Faking challenges for false XP gain. Avoid the temptations to use fake accounts to get yourself badges and XP. Ultimately the goal of sololearn is to learn, XP is to motivate us. Otherwise, id you're really focussed you know you can learn without XP. But XP helps indicate your progress. Don't misuse. 4. Avoid rude or abusive language. Sololearn is a community and to exist properly we must all take into account other members interests and respect their opinions. People come from different regions and therefore have different beliefs and opinions regarding any topics.


Additions. It's encouraged that if you get code from elsewhere on the internet, attribute. Or, rewrite the code to make it your own so that it serves as inspiration. Just like an article, you can rewrite it to make it yours. For simple codes, this may not be necessary but for work that someone has spent time to create, always check if they require any attributions to their work, if they don't you can use for learning purposes. Use links to external pages sparingly, for learning purposes not marketing. If marketing intent is identified then this could get you banned. All in all, you should not get banned unless it's really serious. That's why moderators are here. Be fair just as Kuba Siekierzyński mentioned in the above post. Just like any other member, moderators can get banned if they engage in any of the above. Enjoy!


There are no serious reasons other than the above. I am not a mod but I believe the higher you go the hotter it becomes so all eyes are on you. It lies in how they handle the moderation and personally i think a few have been rude, not all. (happens when you get responsibilities) you know what I mean? :) some of us misuse them. It's in the details.


Tbh I was lurking for some time now, maybe I missed something. I don't remember if ᠌᠌brains was banned before being a mod or after that or at all... All I can say is that everyone - mod or not - gets a second chance.


Thanks again Danstan Ongubo ☔☔☔ . It would be nice to get some inside knowledge from a mod as well.


Here is the post by Kuba for normal users: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/596094/?ref=app


Thanks Tashi N . Who are some of the moderators who have been banned? Are there any who have been banned who have made a return due to 'good behaviour'? I've heard the name Brains in some discussions regarding challenge abuse. Are there others? Also under what circumstances do 'rehabilitated' learners get accepted back into the community?


That's nice to know Tashi N . I think he was blocked before he became a mod. That's what I heard from ⚡Prometheus ⚡ . Anyway somehow it seems that he has rehabilitated himself and won enough respect to join the mod ranks. This is a great story.


Somehow... by helping users on a daily basis without contradicting the rules over a long time, yeah. Might be true ;)


Nah, just me being winky :D


Danstan Ongubo ☔☔☔ thanks for your response. However the reasons you have given are the reasons why any general Sololearn user gets banned. My question is specifically about moderators. Is there some higher code of conduct applicable just to mods, which if they fail to adhere to can cause their expulsion? Surely, moderators know better than to steal code, spam, be rude or cheat in challenges?


Tashi N what does that wink ;) supposed to mean in your last comment, lol?