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What is the size of px

What is the size of 1 pixel in mm? Is it fixed ?

3/6/2019 3:24:53 PM


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I prefer % to px too.


Do not use px, you will only see px good on 1 device. Use vh instead, you will see it good on every device!


24 bits.


It depends But try never to use pixel Try to use % instead


I have experience one thing on Sololearn. Using PX and %. There is a little different. % is more clear and accurate than PX. If you are drawing a line or bars use %.


One pixel is the size of one physical pixel on your device. For example, if your screen resolution is 1920x1080, then one pixel is 1/1920 of the width and 1/1080 of the height of your screen.


//1px =25. 4mm


I think it's differs from one device to another, am I right?






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