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Python or Javascript for Cross-Platform App Development?

I want to create cross-platform software and I've been searching for the best pick. My options are now between Python and JavaScript. Which do you guys think is best for me and why do you think so? Also tell me if you other better options. Thanks.

3/3/2019 12:03:32 AM


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Mike Javascript is cross platform as it applies to NodeJS.


Mike I figured your mind was thinking in the context of only the browser. 😉


JavaScript is still the undistputed king of programming languages. Python is coming up but is not used for front end work as much. This language can used both front end and back end work. Can be used on most frameworks, networks, etc. It all depends on what your into and what you want to accomplish. Good luck.


Javascript... undisputed king? I fully dispute that statement. It's also not "cross platform". It is cross browser however. If you're going to build something for the web, there are many languages and frameworks you can use. I personally like C# with .NET Core, and use javascript where necessary... though with Blazor, I dont really need to touch Javascript anymore; but it's still new and I wouldn't fully trust to use it in production yet, but so far I'm loving it. Find what you like to use most and become proficient in it. I wouldn't take anyone's word for what's "best" on any forum. You're only going to find biased answers. Just experiment with everything until you find your niche.


David Carroll ... right, my mistake.


David Carroll lol you are correct. I kinda forgot for a brief moment that node exists


If you are talking about cross platform mobile native apps, JavaScript could build it using React Native. JavaScript could build cross platform software for Windows, Linux and Mac too using Electron.js which run on Nodejs., Visual Studio Code, Skype and SimpleNote desktop software are built from JavaScript, Electron.js