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idea for improvement (challenges)

I'm new here, but what has happened to me (not once) is that I spent my time on challenging someone and the opponent then declined. I think it would be quite fair to gain XP when that person decline and on contrary lose them when declining. But this only in case the opponent who is declining is higher level.

1/15/2017 12:18:59 AM


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I think that once both sides accept a challenge, you put a time window to complete the challenge. If the challenge is not complete by one side by the expiration, they forfeit and it counts as a loss and the other side who completed the challenge gets full XP. Now, if the challenge is not actually accepted by both sides, leave the system as is. I think that is fair.


Expiring or declining gives you the same result, you wasted time. I prefer my solution. =)


I would be happy to gain just 1XP for each declined challenge.


Declining is not a problem. They decline because it is likely to be not their main language. The only problem is that they leave the challenges to expire without accepting or declining. Similar to what Rei said, I would actually be very happy to get the 5XP victory bonus if the challenges get to expire.


I think it is best to let keep the system as it is right now. Declining a challenge is their rights even if they let the challenge be expired. Let them be what they are. It is fun to see various human character in this world. Challenge declined by a higher level player towards the challenge of a lower level player should not be subjected to any penalises. This is because, maybe, the higher level player thinks that '' why should I accept the challenge, i want to play with the player of my level or higher or anything else. '' and vice versa by a lower level player. We should think of both side. Such XP giving not fair for both. Maybe the lower level player after becoming a higher level player, he hate the concept that he has suggested in the past when it returned towards and against him. There can be a lot of reason on why is a thing is happening but let it be. It is beautiful to see various colors of characteristic possessed by human beings. But I did not support the one who runs from a challenge after accepted it. However, thank you for the question. You let the community to express their feelings. But still I am sure that it is best to keep the system as it is. Maybe the developers thinks this is the best especially in the long run.


That would suck, there is nothing forcing you to accept. What they should do is wait until both players accept before starting the challenge.


Seems like a good idea. But there should be also some counter measures that would depend on how much exp does the opponent and you have in a given language.


good idea but not at all..


@ zuzanka please learn Python so that i can challenge you


well there is a possibility to wait until it expires. So you don't have to accept a challenge. But when you intentionally decline i think it should be somehow managed


thank you guys for writing your point of view on this. it kind of changed mine :)