How do you type a backslash if it is not on the keyboard?

I was doing a lesson on strings and it required me to input a backslash, but the keyboard on my phone does not have it.

2/25/2019 3:04:03 AM

Zachary Beacham

7 Answers

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On android, in gboard (standart keyboard) were are [?123] button for symbols and digits.


Calviղ Oh excuse me, i think about / <- this. On gboard you using ?123 to get / in english layout.


What phone are you using? We might be able to help you navigate to the backslash key, Most phone keyboards (iOS, Android) are well-equipped with backslash.


Long press on "/" button, you may get "\" key.


On Gboard, long press w button to get character \


Zachary Beacham Which programming language. Different languages can have different key combination Search the net for Trigraph and Diagraph. They specify the key combination to generate missing symbols. Note in C++17 onwards use of trigraph and digraphs has been deprecated but i think C still supports them. Though i am not sure you can check the command line options of your C/C++ compiler, just in case there might be optiond to enable or disable their support.


It might be some where (\ is a popular character). If not, May be have some error with your keyboard. Just simply install another keyboard in the app store!