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Hardware programming

What do I need to learn to programm hardwares like crock pots and other kitchen gadgets like that? And what language?

2/24/2019 8:28:13 PM


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Either Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


Robotics is coding with robots, whereas AI is artificial intelligence: trying to make a code or machine “smarter”. Machine learning is a type of AI, where the code learns from its mistakes. To learn Arduino: first complete the SoloLearn C++ tutorial, because Arduino is based on C++, then find some beginner Arduino tutorials online. For ros: http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/StartGuide


Arduino is, basically, electronics. It can be used to make robots and stuff.


For robotics: Arduino or Raspberry Pi. For AI and machine learning: I would say Python, but any language would be good. For ros: what is ros?


and what about AI, ros, robotics, machine learning etc. ? or is that a diffrent thing?


and what is the difference between robotics and AI? I just want to know how to program the things that I mentioned, so I looked up on the internet and got confused with all this stuff (you know some people said AI, some said applied informatics and so on....) ros -> robot operating systems


so I should look for arduino? what does it have to do with ros?


C/C++ for Arduino Get an UNO Board it's cheap and very easy to learn. Also you may like Raspberry Pi If you want to go deep Learn Assembly - For Microchip Contllers Start whit PIC12 And for FPGA learn VHDL and Verilog