Why cant c++ be decompiled?

Title says it all.

2/24/2019 7:39:12 PM


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When C++ ore any other C structured language is compiled it converts everything to binary. There are decompilers for C++ but believe me you'll have a thought time reading and rewriting it to written code. Hope I could answer your question. Edit: I have seen that there are decompilers for C which kinda work but are really inaccurate and almost unusable, as you'll still have to rewrite it yourself. Regards.


imSamm If you have the patience then sure you can, but it is increadibly difficult. A C decompiler might give you something useful for small programs but C++ is a mess. It is difficult to figure out classes members fields etc from the binary file. The ressons they are difficult to decompile is because C/C++ binaries does not have meta information about classes, functions and variables etc and they do not support reflection api's (partially true for C++) like it is supported by java/python/C#/D etc.. C++ does provide feature/functionality to hook your own reflection framework.