What Is The Most Important Thing To Remember In HTML !?!

I Am About To Finish HTML Course So I Want To Know Your Take On Important Thing In HTML!!!😊✌

2/23/2019 5:18:27 PM

Jason M.Azizi

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1) Plan the structure of the site before coding i.e. storyboarding and wireframing. 2) Consider using semantic elements such as header, footer, main, aside and article instread of the traditional "div". 3) choose a naming conveition for classes and id's and stick to it. e.g. id-name/id_name/idName(camelCase) 4) know when to use classes and id's as it could save you a lot of time and effort when styling with css later.


1. Nest tags properly. 2. Remember closing tags. 3. Use HTML validation service available on internet for free.


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Reza : HTML Is A Language! I Think You Mean This: HTML Is A Markup Language Not Programming Language!!!👍😊✌


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Marvin : Yeah The Structure Is Also Important!!!👍😊✌


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1) meta tag configuration 2) SEO friendly structure (HTML5 features) 3) load scripts in the end of a body


just do practice and remember features of html... so whenever you neend any feature u can easily use that's.


Just practice to it,try to remember the features and , please,close tags. Also,you need to understand how to add attributes and more. Thats all, happy coding!


That it is not a programming language 😀.


Practise creating web codes😉


The absolutelly most important thing to remember in html is.... 1. It is usually the first language people start with, it is at times simple and beautiful 2. Their is a significant amount of information regarding the language to be used as reference. 3. No matter how hard I have tried I have not broken it. 4. It's fun to tell computers what to say or do.. Hello World! 5. Lots of help is available in chats, you-tubes, just actually all over. One search can present solutions to even complex questions. 6. To write code all you need is a text editor like notepad. You don't need to spend a single dollar and you can be coding immediately. But the single number 1 most important thing about html is that it is fun.


Hi there, Jason. First of all, congratulations with finishing HTML Basics Course! And the second, everything that was in HTML Course was pretty short and it's only touches the main principles, and you need to memorize almost everything that was in a theoretical part. You can continue learning HTML by coding and practising your skills, challenge opponents here. The next stop is CSS and JS


1. The tags (their functions and formats) 2. The format of a HTML document


Nest tags URL linking Import And of course the basic tags of html


in fact, the most important thing you have to do after finish this course is learning css and php then you should start doing projects and web sites, because programming is like mathmatics , it needs to train and train more to become an effective programmer. Good luck❤✌


That one should just use it only and only to give a structure to a webpage


Trying out the html challenges once in a while on SoloLearn is what I do to assess myself on my knowledge of html


The most important thing you have to remember that html isn't a programming language 😂✌