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This community is a goldmine of information for aspiring programmers, developers and code enthusiasts. I save posts and disussions that I would like to follow but I couldn't find any way to get back to any of those posts/forum discussion whenever I want to. Is there any way possible to access posts or discussions that you've marked as favorite or followed? Thanks!

2/22/2019 11:44:55 AM


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The bookmarking features are not good or non existent here. I am thinking that the use of the search bar and keywords are your best bet in rediscovering lost treasure.


Caleb I also faced this challenge but Gordon had a nice solution to this problem. Till this feature is made available we can save the post links in our web codes.


AFAIK that's a feature that's missing... 😢


Wow! 😮 That is amazing! Thank you so much Morpheus! And to Gordon as well who wrote the code for this awesome reference to your JS Fact Series 😊