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Windows, MacOS, or Linux?

Linux and MacOS are better operating systems for coding than Windows. But, which are the adventages over each one? In what features is each one better?

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Linux has hundreds of different distros, you can choose which one fits your need the best while MacOS has exponentially fewer.


Linux, the good; 1 - hundreds of opensource tools fit for programming 2 - dozens of distros ready for programming 3 - very open community 4 - lots of free e-books and tutorials Linux, the bad; 1 - not so 'noob friendly' although it depends on the distro 2 - the wrong command can wreck your file system 3 - dependency hell Windows, the good; 1 - thousands of IDEs and coding tools 2 - many tools, including linux ones, offer support for windows file formats and programming languages Windows, the bad; 1 - many IDEs are not free neither opensource 2 - microsoft and its platform spies on you, hell even anti-virus software do that 3 - windows requires heavy security measures, aaaaaand guess what, many of those measures can't be taken on basic versions of the OS which means you must pay for better security iOS/MacOS = monopoly + slavery Greetings


Linux, it will let you suffer more. But the more you suffer the stronger you will get , young padawan !


I think it will be better to code with linux


GNU/Linux 👽