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Slider kivy python

The guys can’t install two sliders in the tab, in a normal window I’ll install two sliders. But when I try to install two sliders in the tab, only one is visible


2/18/2019 3:51:02 AM

Rashid Omariev

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Your question is not properly described. So I think you won’t get an answer. Add tags, add a lib that you use, add your code, etc...

0 = Slider(min=-50, max=100, value=25)#Slider self.sl2 = Slider(min=-50, max=100, value=25)#Slider #tab2 tabinem2 = TabbedPanelItem(text="Настройки") tab.add_widget(tabinem2) tabinem2.add_widget( tabinem2.add_widget(self.sl2) #tab3 tabinem3 = TabbedPanelItem(text="Настройки2") tab.add_widget(tabinem3) self.brightnessValue = Label(text='0') tabinem3.add_widget(self.brightnessValue) self.sl2.bind(value=self.on_value) return tab