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Is sololearn for kids(beginners) or adult(expert)...

2/18/2019 1:39:27 AM


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I would say for everyone willing to learn code, have a passion to write code, be respectful to the community, follow guidelines, help each other out, don't be rude, ask questions if you don't understand something. No age limit on here. forgot to mention you need a PhD to be apart of sololearn😂 I'm kidding happy coding.😁


Programming has NO AGE


I just recently started learning programming. The training courses in Sololearn were the first. And I also wrote my first codes in Sololearn. Therefore, I can say that this application is very suitable for beginners. Also here you can find a lot of friends who will help you write code if you cannot and give valuable advice


SoloLearn targets beginners, but there are many experts who lurk in the Q&A and plenty of content for more advanced learners (e.g. obscure challenge questions, lesson factory, etc.). While targeted to people of all ages, the app itself is rated Teen. You can find out more about the ESRB rating system here:


Implying kids == beginners and adults == experts.


For Both I Bet!!!✌


Perfect answer Charan LEo25 😄👍


And what’s more: I wouldn’t equate kids with beginners and adults with experts. I’ve seen a lot of kids accounts here on SoloLearn that create amazingly beautiful codes, and I’m an adult myself that is really just a beginner who is learning a lot on SoloLearn! 👩🏼‍💻


The AMAZING thing about sololearn is that you can have programmers who have years and years of experience and then you can have people who don't know the first thing about programming on here, but we're all here learning TOGETHER. Everyone is always sharing new tips and tricks for all sorts of different programming languages. So whether you are a expert or a beginner at programming we all help each other out and that is why it is so fun to learn on sololearn😎👍


Artan Hasani i told according to this question Programming doesn't want A age to learn


Thanks to everyone who left a comment you have motivated me and Many other people on sololearn


I would say it's for beginners to intermediate users, be they teens or adults. Experts can also assist with creating content, quizzes and assisting other users via Q and A and the like.


As one of a few years of programming have seen kids outperform top notch developers. Sololearn is a great way for all ages to be creative and learn inside ( 'fundamentals' ) and outside the box. Our children are the future developers of tomorrow and actually start getting familiar with and working with peers more experienced. Instead of asking if Sololearn is for kids or for adults or professional / experts lets open this to all minds of all ages. As far as an 8 year being lost on using this app I see adults on here who can't find a search bar or form a question. Which by the way, some of these kids do really really well.


Started with 40. Basically living here now. 😉


If you are asking in terms of knowledge gaining from SL... Then I would say its for beginners but I don't think it matters if it's for beginners or experts, as they both have one thing in common and i.e. they both love to code... And an expert was once a beginner too you know🤔😄(I guess the above sentence... Indians would probably understand it the best as there is a famous dialogue here- "Saas bhi kabhi bahu thi" lol😆😂😂...sorry lame joke😂) Well bro, in the end, I would just say that it is recommended for everyone😄👍


beginner - expert: Sololearn is good for beginners, because here you get all basics. But it is also good for experts because a lot of experts share materials (links, tutorials, books, codes) for advanced. kids - adults: Sololearn has a great community. For example Facebook has a lot of problems with sexism, rassism, mobbing or whatever. Here you have a lot of mods who are doing a great job. People help each other, there is a polite approach, discussions are usually conducted constructively. That's why I would say that this platform is also suitable for kids.


It's for both of them... Learning has no age.


It's for little kids (13 yrs+) and big kids like me (97 yrs).


I'm 13 but I learn from here because the community is good and I am willing to learn something new


Both, but only if kids are ready. But you have to be 13 to use Sololearn.