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To work for Apple or Huawei.

Can i just master python alone? I am a Mechatronics Engineer student so my studies aren’t mainly coding but robots and AI. I always wanted to try coding and try adding it as a skill I can always have it in my pocket.

2/17/2019 9:53:51 PM


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You should be able to grasp and learn A.I. with solely Python, if that is your choice. Python is recommended due to its writability and the availability of modules which help you learn A.I. How did you study A.I. without coding though?


I am still studying and I’m still in my second year. I was just planning out what i need to study and learn to enter the company i want. I still don’t have alot of information about Artificial intellegence and Robotics yet but i will start reading soon because these stuff are learned in 3rd and 4th year in university. Thanks for the advice^^.