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I really not understand the word object anyone can help by describing "Object".

2/16/2019 12:05:00 PM

Ayush Goyal

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Object is an example of a class and has its own attribute. You shouldnt jump to OOP now. Learn basics first


Object is just an example of a class. Lets say there is a group of students. Then, "Student" can be called a "class" or a "group" If you are a student, then you are an "example" of a student. So, "Ayush" is an example of a "Student". Therefore, "Ayush" an object of class "Student" Lets say you have a friend "Infinity" who is also a student. Then he also falls in the category of "Student". "Infinity" is also an object of class "Student". I hope you could get it, because I think this is the simplest explanation possible ;)


An apple is an object; so is a mug. Each has its unique identity. It's possible to have two mugs that look identical, but they are still separate, unique objects. Think of an object as details you fill in to your forms.. whereas the form is your class. 💕 Class can be car, schools, fruits Objects can be BMW, Benz,, sololearn, udemy,, Apple, grape


Object is the instance of class. Imagine class is a cpntainer. Then, objects are things inside the container.


I think, you are new on programming. Lets read more on basics, hello world on severals languages, variable, operator, function, types, return type and soon. If we new on programming and force to OOP, it will not make sense. For example, many books on oop will give example class Point, has x and y. If we new and force jump to oop, it will not make sense. (Sorry for my english).