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How do i stay motivated?

Idk with school being the entity that it is, I've rarely found time to be practicing code. Its not that i dislike coding its just that the gym, plus school clubs, plus hw, plus other home duties has been dragging me in the mud. Can you guys recommend a little schedule for practicing code, like not an enormous time commitment but enougj to still retain information and learn? And or just better ways to make use of the little time i have, like how should i go about learning a concept? Immediatly trying to put it into action or see examples first?

2/12/2019 1:22:44 AM

taka shindow

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That's right, you just said it there. What you need is a schedule. Choosing discipline is oftentimes more effective than constantly drowning yourself in motivation. If we look at the pro features of SL, there is actually a counter which keeps track of how much time you spend learning or interacting on SL. The "regular" setting indicates that anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes per day revising and practicing programming is enough to retain or even improve the programming knowledge that you've gained. 10 to 30 minutes should be achievable if your time is planned out well. There is actually this thread which may help you figure out the optimal learning techniques for you. I suggest you check it out.


Sonic l thanks for mentioning😊 taka shindow as @Hatsy Rei mentioned you can manage to get an time of 30 minutes daily which will enough if you learned programming language in that slot of time with full dignity As about managing time within all other high school activities I generally prefers to divide my free time for different goals and priorities if I have assigned any work and I have to take part in any culture activities then I just do some changes in my schedule and give some time to complete work some time to practice for event as they are my first priority at the base level for high school And then if some more time is left then I will prefer to do 30 minutes coding if I don't get time that day to code then I will try to recover that next day by giving more time to coding and less time to any other act to not get tired easily I work by taking gaps of 15 min to fresh the mind and continue to learn more in that free time you can do things which made you happy and relaxed this way you can learn more.


Any tips ⚡Prometheus ⚡, GAWEN STEASY ? You guys are in high school right?


I think the best thing to keep yourself motivated to keep practicing coding is to learn more then after learning enough codes, you should start doing whatever that coding was used for. Like html, its good for websites, or CSS is great for websites too! If you keep progressing, you’ll eventually love coding and keep on doing it until you die. Some schools allow ipads, if your school allow ipads and are aloud to download materials, talk to your teacher and then try and go download this app. It’s great to do something educational while you have free time in school. Hope this paragraph was motivatable! 😃😄


Yes Sonic As for me, yes I allocate time. I can use my phone in school (as long as it is not during lessons which is the usual time you find me challenging and coding) so I do those during school time and homework at home.


I sometimes have trouble fitting practice into life as well but have found that a little and often is best. If you only have a small amount of free time then try setting a small goal of 15-30 mins per day rather than an hour every other day. I often use my lunch break at work. You could try keeping a coding notebook/diary that you make notes in as you go. Not only can you flip through this when you have a spare 5 mins, but there's some evidence to show that hand writing notes helps you'll retain information longer as it activates different parts of your brain to typing!


keep on doing what you are doing never stop because the moment the more you keep yourself from succeeding.


I know that feeling. When I was in highschool, I had no time to do something with coding and learning some new stuff that are not included in school's teaching programs. You can try to spend time coding instead of watching some Netflix.


it's okey.


This is how it goes. Keeping the LORD your GOD in MIND always. See troubles will come but the LORD says in word 1Corinthains10:13.🙏🙏


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