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What are some good books for machine learning if one is starting from the ground?

I am trying to learn machine learning and as maths is an integral part of this, especially statistics, I want to know the names of some foundation books on these chapters.

2/11/2019 7:46:06 AM

Vishal Sharma

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The Hundred Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov: http://themlbook.com Although it's focused on algorithms, not on statistics.


There are tons of introductory ML books on from Packt and they periodically have free offers too. Check this link every day. https://www.packtpub.com/packt/offers/free-learning


Well the best book for beginners is; Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems by Aurélien Géron it's very good and easy for beginners


At cognitive.ai there is a free MOOC, Machine Learning in Python, made by IBM and almost equivalent to their specialization on coursera.org. I know it is not a book, but books most of the time send me asleep wjen I finally have time for them. Furthermore, here you have coding exercices!


If you dont already know the maths, certain aspects of machine learning can be somewhat difficult to grasp - particularly the statistical Inference aspects of machine learning (linear models, support vectors machines, PCA, gaussian processes and kernel smoothing etc.). Using machine learning as a black box is dangerous. Having said this, if you understand statistics and linear algebra, you should be fine to check out Introductory ML books with Python, as Sascha Walliser has suggested. But for more theoretical applications of machine learning (once you know the maths) are books like Chris Bishop: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, and Jerome H Friedman: Elements Of Statisical Learning. A great introduction to statistical Inference (a sort of precursor to full on Machine Learning) is Gareth James: An Introduction To Statistical Learning which gives a good introduction to the maths.


I would suggest Machine Learning for Beginners by John Slavio. It's just 60 pages book and in easy to understand language.


What is the sole purpose of machine learning


Machine learning is a collection of statistical data analysis methods, that you can apply to data. With this toolset a data scientist can identify relationships and dependencies between certain variables (data points), building up mathematical models. These can be used also to predict results applied to new (and eventually totally different) data.


Is python the best and easy to start with or Java


Seconding the slavio book!


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What is machine language


In simple terms, Machine Learning is a kind of AI which gives a computer the ability to learn from it's experience (well usually data given by programmers).


Exactly this question (WHAT IS MACHINE LANGUAGE)




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Please who can share with me eBook on Machine Learning for Beginners by John Slavio