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What are the difference between minor project and major project why documentations is required during project ...suggest me best format of documentation of project

2/9/2019 6:50:46 PM

👑Mahesh Khatri👑

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👑Mahesh Khatri👑 hi, Minor project is generally an mini project in which only one to five modules are present like for an example an normal blogging site has few features like. • login & register • make blog post • Comment on blogs • Like and feedback over blog And an major projects consist of bigger modules and packages like an banking management system which requires all kind of working • Register and make account • Funding the account • transaction and management over account • Interest calculation over account • withdraw option over different places Etc. Now comes to next query why documentation is important? It is important because the documents help to know the working and creation process of the project which helps the programer to get back to those codes when some edit or updation is required generally 3 type of documents are made • Source requirement specification -> all required resource for making project • Source design documents -> design flow • Testing and optimization documents


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Sdd -> design flow, design cycle and sdlc cycle of the project which shows the creation process of the project Testing -> which is done after creation of the project as user requirements like alpha testing, beta testing, black & white box testing etc.




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SDDC is the creation process while testing is done after completion of the project