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images in my cpp programs

I want to add images in my c plus plus program. Please tell me if it is possible,if it is then how??

2/6/2019 6:07:23 AM


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C++ language dont "understand" the concept of image, neither the concept of gui. This is for keep the language more SO indipendent possible. Then we cannot use gui in c++ codes? Sure, we can do it using SO Api then make access to graphics on our system. And if we want make a multiplatform-code with gui? We can always use one of multiplatform gui frameworks/libs like Qt, WxWidgets, Tk, Fox etc. If you want full access to graphic system you can always use OpenGL, Direct3d (windows), SDL etc.. Like you can see there are many options. Which you have to choice depends on several factors which what you want develop (a game? An gui app?), code portability (for which systems you have to compile the code?), degree of control (using sdl is good but using opengl, thought more complex and only devoted to graphics, give you more control )...


Qt creator. <- Great for GUI OpenGL. <- 3D graphics and optimized graphics in general SDL. <- Direct media library SFML. <- Game engine


Thanks man you helped me a lot


You are welcome 👍👍👍


Anant Jain I forget to say than if you want make a gui app, try to see wxWidgets 😉


Ok thanks