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css, html, php and javascript coding...

how i can write all these combine languages coding in one text file... and get required output???

2/6/2019 4:13:34 AM

Mister MH!

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<Html lang="en-us"> <Head> <Style> /*CSS*/ </style> </head> <Body> <Script> //JavaScript </script> </body> </html> For PHP who have to rewrite some rules, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/11312316/how-do-i-add-php-code-file-to-html-html-files


M_Hussainiii🇵🇰 as you have the answer made by aʌᴉɥs 🌏, you can mark his/her answer as the best, so everyone can see it😀


thank you avihs....


<body> is correct,,, and <Body> is wrong