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About None in Python

def some_func(): print("Hi!") var = some_func() print(var) My question is, why var does not return Hi! IF that already was defined when I write def some_func(): print("Hi!") Can someone clarify it to me? Thanks in advance :)

2/3/2019 4:12:14 PM


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var doesn't return anything, var is the name you give for what the function returns. And a function only returns something if you specify that. If you don't, var will be None. So in the function you'd have to write: return 'Hi!' Then var would contain 'Hi!' and you could print it out as expected.


None is correct as your function doesn't return anything.


Var will return None


Since the function itself prints "Hi!" just call the function normally: some_func() No need to save it to a variable (var in this case). Check the link below for a refresher on none (the answer is on the 2nd page of the link): https://www.sololearn.com/learn/Python/2449/?ref=app Hint: Try to read the comments section of the lesson. You will find very useful info there.