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Is it only moderator who can review quizzes? Is it “Rate submission” is part of review quizzes? Can non moderator receive the “quiz reviewer badge” if they only rate submissions? Thanks!

1/31/2019 10:10:39 PM


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Hi JTLZ the Lion King 👑 [#Never Give Up!] The quiz reviewer badge is given out in a similar fashion as a moderator badge. With the recent development in other areas, quiz reviewing has not been the main focus of Sololearn these days. I don't recall any new quiz reviewers over the last year. And yes non moderators can receive this badge. It just so happens that quiz reviewers are good and contributive members of the community, which is what I presume led you to ponder over this question.


I did quiz review for around 6+ months without break, but no badge unlocked, I need more experience, then I will start with review again ☺ might your reviewed quizzes should be good enough to be approved & match SL standard(not much hard, not too easy, not having repeated questions & concepts, not having much of calculations, not much specific or out of lessons covered in SL). //still, we can contribute by reviewing quizzes & that review have some value. ☺ Best of luck 👍


⏩ Prometheus ⏪ Thank you very much! I just seen many people earn it are mods...


Gaurav Agrawal you are the hero we need at quiz section 👌🙂. You gave me motivation to start doing quiz review again. [ off-context] I wonder Quiz reviews would be a fun exercise with friends if sololearners are doing it together( physically). i mean There are often hilarious questions and some so deep even stackoverflow gives up. 😅 Overall it's a fun exercise, I was actively reviewing quizzes long ago when quiz factory was launched but I stopped when none of my shared quizzes got approved. It's time to check it out again.


JTLZ the Lion King 👑 [#Never Give Up!] Yes it seems like mods are unlocking the reviewer badge, but it's not the reason they got because they contribute a lot time in quiz factory all have quiz creator master badge so seems like they review and make quizzes in huge amount of time so they unlocked it and any other user if do so then they too can unlock but reviews process should be legit because they checked by developers.


I also tried for some time to regularly review quizzes with the idea to get these badges, but after a while I lost interest: It felt like being in a desert where I couldn't see if I was even walking in the right direction. Unfortunately we are in the dark of what exactly happens in the factory: We don't see what we have to aim at, we don't know the stats of the 'competition', we don't know if they matter... hell, we don't even know for sure if it's possible to get the badges like that in the first place! Imo this belongs to the areas that should be improved by Sololearn (after the connectivity issues).


I just find it fascinating that these community-based business models like SoloLearn allow companies to get people working for them in exchange for a scarcely supplied digital icon, rather than having to pay them money for their work.


Thanks everyone!


Could the quiz factory be improved by awarding xp for reviewing quizzes as an incentive? Besides voting perhaps a way to leave suggestions on how to improve submissions being reviewed could both assist the developers as well as count towards our contributor % score. As pointed out, the quiz reviewer badge could be less exclusive and rather instead motivate the community to participate more if it was awarded based on a quantity instead of by votes.