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[Discussion] Why would you follow someone on Sololearn?

I failed to understand why would someone follow a complete stranger. When I joined Sololearn, some users started following me with different levels and skills. I have few skills on Sololearn, answer few questions, finish little challenges, and did not post any code yet. However, I got 10 follower at no effort. Is that normal? (I know some users got 500+ followers).

1/13/2017 3:13:18 AM


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I think it's random at the beginning. When I first started using this app at the end of last November I kept getting followers for no reason too. Now it has slowed down and I'm at level 13, go figure. I think a lot of followers might be bots too.


I follow people to help me see new ideas and perspectives. I believe everyone thinks in a different way and following people even beginners can help me think about different problems in a new way. Maybe this is it. Or they just want you to follow them back.. some people feel a need to be popular.


I think answering (and doing it well) is the easiest way to get followers quickly, which makes me think people here tend to follow those who seem to be good programmers.


When you wanna know somebody better and wanna get noticed, you follow them.


500+? I have a follower with over 5500 followers. As for why you'd follow someone, that's something I wonder about as well. I found this app rather lacking in terms of social interaction and assistance, reason why I posted a question around 1 and a half hours ago, promoting a discord server I just opened, so that we may interact and help each other more fluently, as well as collaborate in group projects.