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I work in/want to work in security and I’m looking into pen testing. I am learning html, css, and JavaScript. I plan to learn python and I’m exploring Linux. How can I learn as much as possible in one month?

1/28/2019 8:49:22 PM

Collin Peel

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learn - >practice - >learn->practice //


learn about networking and how software relates to a network. youll need to know about hardware like network cards and how the addresses communicate. you should also brush up on different protocols and learn how a script could comminicate or intercept/sniff packets being sent or receieved from one device to another. theres a very deep dive into this sort of thing but the rest is best learned by searching and learning from your own research. you might want to figure out what type of pentesting you want to get into (web app pentesting? network pentesting? mobile, native software, lower level, etc?) if you figure that out, thatll be a great starting point. also, do some reading from bug bounty hunters and their proof of concepts that walk you through how they found vulnerabilities and what they did to find and use exploits for them. itll help you get the right mindset for becoming a pentester. not that i would know ;)


Honestly take notes and push yourself to learn 🧐