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How to extract sourcecode of a game

Suppose your are playing a game you wanted to know the code of that game how to get there a way

1/18/2019 4:30:45 AM

sudheer ponneri

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Hmm... It is impossible to get the code of any game as the game is protected with security and encryption. Only an ethical hacker can do this.


Many games are 2 Tb encrypted you have to be a good skill of linux and game engine penetrating,and multilevel platform pnetrator. In short high levels of hacker.


Most apps are compiled. Decompiling it is technically impossible. A better alternative is to emulate it using a language you are familiar with


Maybe Google knows? After all, this isn't gaming/speedrunning community 😀


It's likely to be far more effective to study a game developer's blog, especially those who publish OSS in version control so you can follow their notes and thinking process. These are not so hard to find.