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Combinatory analysis

A board car format is ...| 3 different letters from a to z, AAA;ZZZ | 4 different numbers from 0 to 9, 0000;9999 combining this, Knowing that AAA-0000 is the first index 0 in this array, and ZZZ-9999 possible board, the last, can I create a program that holds this huge amount of data ? And output for example the 200.350 board in this row is ... |*** - ****| ?. caution! When AAA-9999 it jumps from AAB-0000 and so on with this pattern, thx a lot!!!

1/16/2019 8:39:01 PM

Thiago Guimarães

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I think that IS a huge amount of data to store (or hold in memory)...*10%5E4 Multiply that with 7 or 8 bytes if you want to actually store the whole string. To calculate the n-th element of that series you could come up with a more creative algorithm. Maybe with some modulo calculation involved. I think that should be enough hint for a start?


Thank you so much Tibor, the wolframalpha is a great site, I will search more about n-th element