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What is computer Architecture?

I want to know about computer architecture with 1.Basic structure of computer system 2.Arithmetic for computers 3.processor and control unit 4.parallism 5.Memory and I/O system

1/15/2019 4:40:31 PM

Nithish Krish

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2. Applications. There are many types of computers in terms of their operation, size and speed. Early electronic computers were large in size and consumed as much as a few hundred personal computers today. [3] In recent years, too, the costs of the hard-ware industry have declined to the extent that personal computers have become widely distributed. Computer applications have expanded in various fields and devices in our time. The smart clock has been developed and the electronic navigation systems have been widely applied through the global positioning system,


Is an electronic machine that has the ability to receive data and process it to valuable information stored in different storage media, and is often able to share these results and information with other compatible devices. Today's fastest computers can do hundreds of billions of calculations and logical calculations in just a few seconds. Computers run special software called operating systems, without which the computer is a static piece, computer operating systems show how tasks are performed and often provide an environment for programmers to develop their applications. This definition shows the common misconception among people that only computers are operating under Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Computer components are divided into two main parts: 1. Hardware 2 - Software running for him. The computer hardware is divided into five main categories: 1- Input devices 2. Treatment 3. Output devices 4 - storage media 5. Communication devices Computer software is divided into: 1. Operating systems


A good start to understanding computer architecture is to look up the “fetch execution cycle”(FEC) on youtube which will show you how data is transfered between the processor and ram, opcodes, the arithmetic logic unit(ALU) amongst other components.