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React Native vs Flutter

I want to study cross platform but I don’t know which one to start. Some things I had in mind was create my own app or start a job as a mobile app dev. Which platform is better?

1/14/2019 7:09:13 PM

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Try Flutter. Google promotes it for a reason.


Otherwise, you can try : ● Android Studio ● Apache Cordova ● Xcode ● NativeScript ● Flutter


Red Challenger A lot will depend on how fast you pick up new languages, the languages you already know, other types of development you want to do. It was very natural for our development team to quickly pick up React Native + Redux with TypeScript because of our experience with ReactJS and Javascript. However, I've really enjoyed building mobile apps using Xamarin in C#, and a number of other hybrid solutions in the past. I also think it helps to be familiar with native Android (Java/Kotlin) and iOS (Objective-C/Swift) to better understand how hybrid native frameworks work. Flutter is next on my list because I'm interested in comparing their approach with native UI widgets. However, I suspect it's still too bleeding edge for production release apps. It would likely take a few prototypes before we would commit to a full fledged commercial app release. Also, I would take a look at how many jobs are open for Flutter/Dart developers in your area as well.


Using flutter such a great framework



Flutter is best...It is used to develop Android app and iOS app...And Flutter is launched by Google bcoz Google is planning to launch new Fuchsia os and recently Google hires Apple Software engineer to launch os in market and using Flutter and Dart programming language u can develop Apps for Fuchsia os...


ReactNative will make your life easier! Chances are high you already know javascript. ReactNative community is way bigger and finding help will be much easier when you get stuck. -- Flutter will require you to learn Dart which is a disadvantage if time is a constraint. Flutter community is way smaller than ReactNative community.


If you good at React.js, it's easier to convert react apps to React Native apps. If you have no experience on React, you could try Flutter, since it have more native build-in components than React Native.


I noticed things that took longer in android development with Java/Kotlin seem to take less than 10 lines of code in Flutter. Flutter is promising and rich in API.


Try both it helps you to choose wich one is better to you.


Honestly I suggest Flutter but I've several doubts about its diffusion and job requirement in next future


try Flutter


thank you.


Maxipy i agree with that UI issue. although idk if its in FB control, this brings the issue of whether you can create a professional product from their given resources


Maxipy I'm not familiar with the specific details of that very specific reference. However, it's quite a leap from "hearing" about "observations" in an "isolated" example to claiming Facebook doesn't care about developers. Your statement simply doesn't make sense and goes against everything I've observed over many years.



Maxipy What do you mean by the following statement? "...Facebook don't care for developers..."


Comments: Flutter 90% React 5% Both 5% Flutter wins !



React if your app based on web based project , flutter if your project is native android project.