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How relevant in C# in 2019

I’m currently taking a course in c# and I would like to know how sought after a certificate in c# is

1/9/2019 8:03:45 AM

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C# remains relevant in 2019 and definitely beyond, C# is going no where not anytime soon. It provides you with all that Microsoft have to offer in terms of development, it heavily backed up by Microsoft and a large user community, it is also open source. If you are looking into developing strictly for Windows platform C# is your best bet. C# will build Desktop apps in win Form &wpf Web apps in / MVC & core Mobile apps for Android & iOS using Xamarin Game development using Unity C# /.net is heavily used in Enterprise so learning C# is not a wrong decision not in 2019, nor years to come. I hope this help...


thanks so much for this. i really appreciate and yes it does help. i hope to greatly improve in this language