Examples of known android apps written in Python.

Is there any mobile apps in Google Play that is entirely made (or mostly written) of Python?

1/8/2019 12:08:42 AM

Raisa Ramos

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yes absolutely. that is YouTube app, YouTube's mostly algorithms are written in Python Language.. and most part of the Google app is also in Python.. Upvote for help Others


Raisa Ramos To be technically precise, none, at least in official Playstore..for android application package(apk) lack of interpreter to execute anything other than Java made platform.Although Android applications can be developed using only Python. Different technologies are used, including PySide-based QML GUIs using the Necessitate Qt port and the Py4A/SL4A-based approach, which can be combined with Android’s WebKit and re-use Python web frameworks. Even if you love Python very much I guess you have to make sacrifices sometimes. I don't recommend using Python to develop an Android app because Android doesn't come with a Python interpreter and you would have to bundle it along with your app, which would make the size of the app large. But if you want to give it a try, you can do that with Python Kivy framework to develop Android apps. Kivy lets you build the UI in a simple Python script but then you have to package it into a standalone APK file for it to run on Android.


Android based apk are created mostly by java for UI and UX whereas python is more practical in hardware robotics sense. Facebook is not an app but use python in their source code for certain features. Application and execution on various platform depends where python fits in. Thank you


Here's my two cents: I'm a newbie, so I've been avoiding languages harder than Python... So I found out kivy, which with Python, enables you to make apps for Linux, Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and Tablets. I'd save a lot of time deploying it to those platforms. However, remember I said that I'm a newbie. Then I found a dev that shows how to build an app using Python and Kivy. I followed his tutorial and worked like a charm in my Linux. But when I tried to build an apk using Buildozer, it was like hell and didn't work. I was doing something wrong, but it was taking me hours to find out. So I concluded that if I want to build an app, I'll do it the traditional way: using Android Studio... and I'm already studying kotlin/Java. Kotlin is a very promising language. You should take a look at it. Cheers.


Most part of Instagram is written on Python


Search in Google Play for 'Kivy Showcase' made by Mathieu Virbel


As far as I know Python usually performs algorithms in most apps with Python. Hybrid apps


Prantik Sarkar judging by his newest question you have sent him on a Quest rather than answering his question.


I want to learn the language. But I don't have experience


And yeah, Cube3d and ParticlePanda are actual apps written in python




Yes there is but not recommended , just learn Java and use android studio to build apps


Nick it is possible may be but again there is someway or the other lots of cross platform is needed. The data server synchronization will decrease the size of apk download overhead, more network packets in long run will consume more memory in run time. Point is that whether python could be used to make apps for android platform, why not, ofcourse it can be done. Like entire android operating system platform is linux(C programming) based. Java is recommended because of its platform independent factor where a coder cometely emphasize on source code compilation while the JVM with Byte code takes care of platform interpretation. Python syntaxes are easier to grasp because.. no including header files in C++ or importing packages in Java even datatypes and functiins hence it is robust. Where to use what is the key, with respect to available hardwar reducing time and space complexity without compromising harware requirement which needs continuous UX and UI algorithms and feedback analysis. Thank you


I do not know of any. It may help to look on google.


even youtube the most trending app is also working on python


As much as I love python, I don't think it's the best tool to build apps for Android. But if you insist on using python, then I suggest you use kivy. It's easy, cutting edge and still growing. But as some guys already suggested, the size of your apk will be insane. Let's hope that in the future is Android will come with python built-in. Cheers folks


Instagram written in Python


Yes, of course! For example YouTube, Dropbox, Instagram these powerful apps are written in PYTHON! Specially GOOGLE!


yes certainly python is update version of All language


i think snapchat is written with python