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Is SoloLearn discussion dead?

1/7/2019 11:17:37 PM

Logomonic Learning

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Like a tutorial? (See beginning of thread.)


LogoMonic Learning, I agree with you. Many people ask questions without first trying to find the answer by themself. Because of this, those that are trying to help are stuck in many "small" (and many times repeated) questions, that when good questions arise they are tired or have no time to search and answer.


man this thread says it all. i was just taking a peek at the forum now to do mod business. then i dont know where to begin. please everyone, stop asking questions that could be easily answered by simple google search. 😱


Sololearn(ers) would have to admit that all q&a based badges are 'babble badges' really (you get them writing provocative or sappy stuff, not for asking or answering good questions). If we all admitted that, then we could go on. Rename them to 'funny guy badge', 'senior agitator' etc. and restructure the q&a in a way that it's actually about q&a.


@calvin tonight the forum is chaos. please excuse myself while i go bang my head into a wall.


i think the main reason why people ask stupid questions is because they havent learned how to learn yet. they expect to be fed with a baby silver spoon. feeding them with the baby spoon does not help them, believe me, it rather further aggravates the handicap. See my recent post on my feed.


A lot of interesting discussion here, I'll just add some points from my perspective. Mostly what I answer now are questions about debugging code and non-common knowledge things (information not readily available in the tutorials). It's a better use of my limited time than dealing with duplicates. I'll answer things from the tutorial with a tutorial link (or sometimes a library link if a more indepth explanation may be necessary). Beyond that, I don't bother with the Q&A as much. There's plenty of people here who are well qualified to answer things just as well as I can, if not better. As to whether or not the Q&A is dead? Judging by the number of questions that still come in on a daily basis, it doesn't appear to be the case. If you are looking for quality though, that is going to take more effort.


A lot of people here compare SL and SO, I wonder, is it a fair comparison? everybody knows how mature SO is, compared to SL, a startup of years behind. Besides, SO is mostly a pure Q&A forum, meaning it's very focused on its direction, SL was built with gaming ideas, there's a difference there already. Even the audience class was different. I have always see SO as a source to seek for answers, and I know, with their experiences they managed to build a strong reputable community, and have their strategy dealing with "low quality" posts. I think SL may adopt the goods from SO without having to imitate, or become like SO (in terms of the load of sarcastic and cynicism).


Very well said, Ulisses Cruz. We really need all that spam and lmgtfy questions filtered from q&a to liberate resources for genuine questions and answers.


🐬 Voja R, have you read Ulisses's comment above? The point is that the flood of redundancy eats up resources! It becomes tiresome to even look for honest, good questions in all that 'brfztz', 'Hey, dude', 'What' s a computer?', 'How do I become a hacker?', 'I don't understand %! HELP!!!' So if you find a post, that's AT LEAST a redundant question, you answer that and go somewhere else. Q&a shrinking to 10% quality volume would be a plus, not a minus. People would ask meaningful questions and get good answers and both would be seen more, so we'd all learn better and the whole community improves.


Mildly relevant:


What's left to discuss? Without those 100x repeated questions and spams, discussion wouldn't exist. Seriously, original questions are rare here these days, simply because many of them are already answered. You would definitely increase quality by eliminating somehow those repeated questions, but then you will have only few new questions per day... Conclusion: it's not important


HonFu is on fire. 💪🔥💪


bedawang, I was there too, the days of dial-up connection, when internet was a glam (at least for me), but I also remember, how tough back then, for my part because books (manuals) are also expensive here, so personally yes, I do find it harsh for those who shout at me to RTFM, because the M itself isn't really affordable for me, but then again, I wanna learn, what are my other options but to ask. I think you're forgetting some points as the reason why people ask "stupid" question, it's not just because they don't know how to look, too lazy or what, there are other possibilities, first, language, not everyone understands a certain language, in which manuals are widely published on. Secondly, the value of the information source, it is possible in their place books are expensive, or internet usage is limited (can't download as much). And even when they find a source, can we guarantee they understand what it says? I doubt this part.


Paul I keep scrolling few pages of Q&A Discussion, I could get one "real question" if I were in luck.. 🤣


Paul, They will not stop to ask these, though, because it is someone new each time. I think it would be good to make q&a writing access harder for Sololearn beginners. Let them finish a 'how to use q&a' tutorial first. And after that, erase new google questions NOW, not mfd them for 24 hours (because they can't claim they didn't know anymore).


But on the other hand anyone that would be a teacher here or anywhere else must realize that it takes infinite patience to work with new students. You WILL be asked the same questions repeatedly. And that you are not here to be entertained at your leisure and choice by only interesting questions.


For all SoloLearn friends here, if it begins to irritate you (the questions) take a break, and come back if you feel better, I've been here for quite some time, so I perfectly understand how it feels to face the situation as it is now. But don't give up hope, keep sending your thoughts and ideas to SL devs to improve whatever it is possible. Cheers!


I agree with you. But I also agree with @Janning. Many who posted unnecessary post in Q/A are beginners. We should give them time. Look guys there are responsible mods are looking out for these problems. They will warn them if they post a unnecessary post or a repeated post. And we should help them too! Be patient with the beginners. I also like the idea of @HonFu. We should have a something (like a tutorial) about SoloLearn forum after they created an account. Don’t worry 😉 we have a great community who is helping each other! I want to say thanks to all mods who kept our Q/A clean and all the works they done to make SoloLearn great! Thank you and cheers!


i once asked if anyone knew any good js libraries when i was a noob. you know, ones youve used yourself and are familiar with. nobody answered! was it not an interesting question anybody could benefit from? but when someone asks “fun question” like “do you like sololearn” they are inundate with a barrage of responses which has no long term benefit for anyone. but perhaps im asking too much.