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How computer works

I think one of the most important thing for a programmer is understanding how a computer work, isn't it? I want to know why there are no courses in SoloLearn to learn how a computer works? Such a course can even introduce bases of assembly language. So why aren't there any?

1/4/2019 6:36:52 PM


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+2 Computer architecture - Wikipedia I'm happy you asked the question. It was on!y when I tried to understand computer architecture that I started to make sense of operating systems, programming and program execution. It's a bit confusing at the start but with a bit of effort, it can be done. Start with tryin to understand what a cpu clock is for


Thats more heading toward computer science. I learned some basics of how computer hardware and operating systems work together, and it was a hefty subject. A whole new SL app could be created just for that subject! Not recommended for people just learning, and it leaves room för newer languages.

+2 Clock rate - Wikipedia Start with this


I understand, there are too many things to say to create only one course. But maybe not the "basics" (really the basic, not all details) just to get an idea of how it actually works. I agree that isn't a good idea for beginners...