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WordPress problem

Hello everyone so I pay this template for my WordPress and I try to install it but I didn't now how so I think why I don't ask same one have experience so when I try to install the plugs I don't now what happen it's just failed and give me api error so any one can help me I will be thankful for her or him

1/4/2019 12:07:13 AM


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Well what is the error exactly and how are you trying to install it?


mike the error is (samething went wrong with the plugin API) I'm using hosting and I install WordPress on it


Is it when you try to active that plugin or if you try to active any plugin?


mike it's just the plugs of this template


Since you paid for it, the company you got it from should give you support for the theme so try to reach out to them. It's hard to debug a theme without seeing the exact code.


mike ok I will try to talk to the company but if you can I will give you the template to see if you can help me because I need to start my website fast as possible and the company will take a lot of time