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Is there anyone can make own Database online?

Can i make my own database online? Cause i have a project to make application that need a database online. When i search it at internet or google, more than 70% people gave me an advice to use a firebase. How is it? Please help me. When i ask them what should i do to make my own database online without firebase they didnt respont.

12/31/2018 6:31:49 AM

Endry Saputra

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Making your own online database is not a simple task. The existing ones have invested decades of programming to become what they are. If you want your own to run on a local firewall protected network, it could be done in a few months. But, to put it on the global network, you must spend massive amounts of time making it secure so sniffers can't see your data pass by and hackers can't make clones of your software to give them full access.


It would save you years of programming effort to use an existing one. I can't comment on any as I've never used them. I did my own on a private network.


Its good, but if you're not used to it then keep using sql. There are some free plan with limited storage, for mysql database on the net maybe you can use that. Everything is pretty much the same as in local enviroment, the only difference is the url, username, and password sometimes port. You can find it easily on google


So. Its mean that you are advice me to use a firebase??


You can use parse server and host it in amazon aws server. parse server easy and open source.