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Computer science, low level, hardware

I don't know if this question is out of topic for this forum. I started programming with java. After one year a wanted to learn about lower level programming and I try to learn c++ and c. I get interested with os development and I found assembly language. And Im interested in how works computer and how computer reads all these commands of assembler. I want to learn how processor works. How keyboard inputs works. I want to develop a 8 bit computer using simple electrical circuits. Can you recommend me where to start to learn computer science and all things about computer at very low level. Thank you

12/29/2018 4:02:06 PM


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you can start with 8085 micro-processor programming and interfacing. Though it's an outdated micro-processor but what it has, in my opinion, is the highest amount of resources to learn plus an emulator if you can't get your hand on the actual one. I believe this will be a good start for what you want to learn.