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How To Get A Kernel In An Operating System

what is the meaning of kernel and can we write in a own kernal?

12/19/2018 8:41:12 AM


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Kernal is the thing that connects hardware, software and the OS together. From the name we can state that it is the core part of a computer system. And yes! You can write your own kernal. A popular and free kernal is Linux kernal. It is even used by android phones and TVs other than the linux distros.


In old PC's the whole operating system cannot be placed in the Main memory, hence to reduce the size of OS some part of it gets called in main memory ,which is called kernel . First when you start your PC the kernel or you can say the smallest part of OS is loaded in main memory and it executes further ... ☺️ .Yes , we can write our own kernel , in languages which are nearest to the processor , which are Assembly , c,c++ . I have tried to make one of mine in Assembly language 👍.



Yes you can write your own, but its a dangerous game, better to first view what the linux kernel looks like and mess around with it before writing your own!


For making your own kernel you need to be so good in microprocessor, computer architecture, and Operating system rules with very effecient skill of implement the algos of these here an article about it which can help


Of course it’s possible if you set your mind to it (not to mention its been done before)! As a begginer to programming with absolutely no knowlege of kernel function I would definately recomend a language with the performance of a low level lang but the ease of writing of a high level lang. Idk if its suited to kernel writing but I would recomend something like that feels a lot like Ruby but is compiled to machine code