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What is backend code?

Backend code

12/14/2018 3:37:45 PM

mohammed mort

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When we talk about what a software look like is the front end and when we talk about the working of different fields of application (buttons , fill fields , different options, etc ) refers to backend and since we use 2 different languages for coding front end and backend it is called as front end and backend programming 🤗.


Front-end is what user sees and interacts with while back-end is what user don't see and don't interact directly with. Like, when you use any app, it's UI, it's look, is the front-end but how it responds upon different actions is written in back-end.


Back end basically are those codes that user can not see him.means if you are playing a game then game running thousands of line of code which you can not see him you are only enjoying a game. for i in range(5): i+=1 This is basically a backend code.which has special works at different situations.