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Sololearn network connection problem (try again network error)

Last two day's i have difficulty with connecting on SoloLearn application with both networks WIFI and Data network, most of the time goes network error. Until 2 days was problem only with WIFI now on both networks. Does anyone else has this problem?

12/12/2018 12:26:47 PM


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Now i have problems on both networks since 2 days.... I know that was this issue even before but was on Wi-Fi only...


I wrote an email to SoloLearn support but still nothing concrete changed, they asked me what's the problem what's your smartphone etc.. Again and again i have this problem every day every minute i enter in the application. This problem will be fixed only with new update otherwise we will have constantly connection problems!


I have problem only on SoloLearn app other works like a rocket πŸš€ πŸ˜‚


Brian A yep same to me unfortunately 😒


yes, i have had the same issue lately. Seems like only certain times of day. But If i try again a few minutes later I can usually get in


BroFarOps©®οΈβ„’️ No... I'll send right away thanks for reminding me that


BroFarOps©®οΈβ„’️ believe me i tried everything same problem i hope they will fix with new update.


Seems like no network internet connection to this app is 100% - Can be in the same spot daily and one day run perfect and the next day lucky to get 20- to 30 minutes at a time... And on some occasions be offline for hours... However while off SL run on Google, StartPage, or other apps freely... Including Candy Crush Friends ~ lol I've tried data direct, data roaming, WiFi , VPN Seems like nothing is 100% and I live close to both the Sprint HQ and a Google HQ


Vitalij Bredun β™‘ Python Petersburg install SwiftKey keyboard your problem will be solved...


Did you send an email to [email protected] Florin Belaj


I have a similar issue when ever trying to save code the web site will spin forever without saving. I have learned to save frequently or just copy the whole code into notepad to prevent losing my work. Are others having the same issue?


Bipin Tatkare - (B. R. T) by the way i know that.... And the rules......


Vitalij Bredun β™‘ Python Petersburg You're welcome buddy, merry Christmas and happy new Year to you too... πŸ‘


mitthu0x01 i made that already clearing catch but same network problem almost every time i enter SoloLearn!


Ohk Florin Belaj πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Sorry to hear about that. πŸ˜₯ This is for the WiFi part: I live in an undisclosed blank spot on Verizon's coverage map (you know, where they "approximately" have coverage, just to be able to fill in a colored square and say they service nearly everywhere), so I couldn't say if the Data is experiencing issues too. I hope things get back to normal for you soon. πŸ™‚


Same here Florin Belaj


Bru clear your cache and clear your data of sololearn ; Then update this ! I have same issue but if i do this : after few minutes I can usually back ;


Florin Belaj you may have to uninstall and reinstall the app but in between clean setting storage cache and or power off completely for 20 to 30 seconds before reinstalling


hi everyone. these last weeks were a nightmare! when i use the challenge in sololearn (with wifi or without wifi) it freez!!!! and obviosly when i got the score .... please do you know what is the problems? it’s not dur to overcharging the app from around the world because it’s the same on sunday , monday and so on and at every hour! i’ve ios 12.1.1 (iphone7) if this could help.