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can anyone help me out with this . ?

12/11/2018 4:49:11 AM


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For your second problem: When I close the program and logged in again the information of user reservation deletes. I want to save the user's reservation information too. In registration(): log = fopen("login.txt", "ab"); // must be opened as binary so I added 'b' there ~~~~~~~ In login(): struct login l[100]; // should be a buffer big enough to hold maximum registered users log = fopen("login.txt", "rb"); // binary reading ... for (int i = 0; i < 100; ++i) { fread(&l[i], sizeof(struct login), 1, log); if (strcmp(username, l[i].username) == 0 && strcmp(password, l[i].password) == 0) { system("CLS"); printf("\nYou are successfully logged in !!\n"); fclose(log); menu(); } } system("CLS"); fclose(log); login(); ~~~~~~ Note: By doing the above fixes I can't see any issue with your first problem. Now, you can insert more info to the end of the file. If there's something missing or wrong tell me.


have mentioned someone who can help with the code.... have tried debugging... but it seems am having problem because am checking it out on my phone.....


John Wells should be able to help.... i try finding the bug, now am getting headache... i could also learn from this


what should i do ? i want to make it work but i dont know how


thankyou i am waiting for someone to answer 😭😭