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What are pros and con between Kivy and ReactJs?

12/8/2018 1:45:57 AM

Wtf. Pygo

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KIVY Pros: Nice to be able to run natively on the desktop WITHOUT a simulator Python is easy to work withUse (almost) any python library Very easy to create custom widgets Cons: Default widget toolkit looks like Android 4.4. Requiring you use your own widgets or a theming kit like KivyMD if styling bothers youCreating dynamic widgets declaratively is not yet supported (loops for instance) REACT.JS Pros: App startup is almost immediateBundled app size is reasonable ~8 mbEasy to build and add / remove packages Adding native modules is straight forward and intuitive Cons: The state "flow", flux, (insert cool name here) etc.. , whatever you call it is a pretty terrible implementation in my opinion. Why re render and diff the whole view to a virtual dom when you only have to change one text field?