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Wrong answers in quiz factory

has anybody noticed that many questions submitted in quiz factory has wrong answers or the question itself is wrong is there any option to modify them(to correct them)

1/8/2017 4:59:10 PM


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I think you should have the possibility to send a report to the support team. So after you did a quiz, you can review the questions and your answer and report this one, because there are many wrong questions out there. Many people just give thumbs up in the factory because the like the question, not because it's correct


I think we must downvote questions we think are wrong in a quiz factory, in order to decrease the probability of them appearing in real challenges


I found one question asking what is my favorite color😂😂


I won't even say some of the idiotic questions that I have seen in quiz factory. I understand that people are young here but don't abuse the system! Sigh my eyes were already bleeding from work. Now I had to see the crap people want to submit as a programming question. And people wonder why I fire as many people as I do from my job. 😥


Rating submissions gave me cancer.


yes we should have an option like comment so the person know why we are downvoting his/her submission so he/she don't submit such kind of questions again


ya I also noticed this and I was also about to post this question


ya Hatsy that too cancer on last stage😂😂


You can review the correct answers after the challenge is complete and report from there @Pete Wright. If this is in quiz factory, just give it a thumbs down.


@Hatsy I want to upvote because it's funny, then downvote because nooocancerrrrNull Pointer Exception


whatever I can help I will but if it's limited to Programming


@Emma, how did you become a certified tester???


Also there should be an optional comment section in which a person can describe the reason for dislike-ing a question in quize factory. Some questions are very simple


u can make a program to find gpa


OK when I will finish I will post the code


lol yes


Sololearn Manipulates questions sometimes Eg - I have put a question which asks the code for printing even nos till 50 After approval, it became 5 in the end. Now whenever anyone will see my question...:(


@Ramana Illuri ...I don't know much but I think there is no such kind of function as leg


Yea I too noticed


There is a big difference in voting negatively because we don't see the pedagogical interest of the question and voting negatively because there are some mistakes in it. Should we have an optional 'report-button' with reasons such as non ethic (racist, homophobic, sexist, ...), erroneous, non orthographic, etc?