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ES6 too hard ?

Am i the only one finding ES6 lessons in Sololearn too much difficult ?? Every lesson here are usually smooth, the difficulty only appear progressively, but regarding ES6 no matter how many times I read it I don’t understand any thing. If a lot of people feel the same, maybe the lesson should be made a different way Edit : As Saha said, I’m not hating ES6, I’m saying the Sololearn lesson needs to be improved

11/27/2018 10:06:22 AM

Andrea Vinci

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D'lite , I think the OP is talking about the Sololearn lessons, and not the features of ES6. I guess in order to discuss the improvements, the lesson compares some advanced tricks between ES6 and old syntaxes. I suppose those who are not familiar with them may find it difficult to follow.


"no matter how many times I read it I don't understand any thing" Maybe you should stop reading and start thinking and practicing until you get it. When I finished sololearn's javascript course, I didn't understand even a bit of that image slider code Sololearn teaches, but in time, you get it and don't even realise you did. Just keep doing what you can and always consult forums for help.


Andrea Vinci it seems you like hard stuff. ES6 was made to simplify ES5. Think about it, instead of writing: function SayHi(name){ alert(name); } You could write SayHi = name => { alert(name); } Or instead of arr = [2, 5, 6] var a = arr[0] var b = arr[1] You could use arr = [2, 5, 6]; let [a, b] = arr; I think you give ES6 a chance, you'll be surprised at how much you can do with little amount of code.



Hey, I would recommend you took a look at a book series called 'You don't know JS' ( ). It is absolutely a life saver, especially when transffering from other languages to Javascript ES6. It is also extremely helpful for beginners too, because it gives you a solid basis on upon you can learn and especially understand javascript.


No if you know the Basic fundamentals of JavaScript then there is nothing Much in Ecma Script Basically ECMA script is just some modificafion In JavaScript 😊


I think you need to learn more about js in site there isn't a lot of information about poor js ,this is the reason of your Questions( esma script to ease!!)




Es6 is very difficult to learn.cant understand anything.


I agree.... It's tough.....


Gotta agree that the way they did the lessons could be improved, it's not the concepts, it's the way they teach them, I have to look at it for a while, understand what I can and rewrite an easier explanation of how this works in order to fully understand it.