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I have 12 codes in WEB and c++ but in the skill section it shows coder=0% And I saw another profile The person has only 2 codes in PHP and py but in his profile it shows Coder=10%

11/20/2018 12:54:18 PM

Sudhanshu Sharma

3 Answers

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For every 5 upvotes or more, the coder skill is increased by 2%. Your all codes may not be having 5 or more upvotes that's why your skills are 0% right now. It will get increased by 2% as soon as you will get 5 upvotes.


But note that the 5 upvotes should not include your own upvote 😅


I think what determines the coder skill level is the number of upvotes on your codes and not actually the number of your codes. So, if you have 100 codes with 10 upvotes in total, your coder skill level will be less than somebody else with 5 codes and 100 upvotes in total.