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How install javascript in my computer?

11/18/2018 11:33:24 AM

Alessandro Velasco

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What does the Python say? No but It can be used without a hassle


Alessandro javascript is usually already available to you through the browser. If you want to use javascript from the terminal you should think about installing nodejs. Good luck.


Alessandro Velasco Vs Code , sublime text editor , notepad++, Vim recommend to use sublime text its light weight and powerfull.


Alessandro Velasco, as ifl has suggested, you can write javascrpt into a text file. Any text editor should work. A javascrpt file is usually given a .js extension to distinguish it as a javascrpt file. In the sololearn code playground you will also find that the third tab for Web codes is intended for your script (javascript). Hope that helps.


1. Use Notepad++ to write JS code 2. Run it using chrome


Alessandro Velasco You can just write some JavaScript in a text file and open that file in a browser to run it.


VicHu 👻 is sublime text free?


Alessandro Velasco Copia este código (o cualquier otro código simple) en Notepad++ y grábalo con la extensión html, por ejemplo Prueba1.html, luego abre dicho archivo html con Chrome. Para debuggearlo puedes abrir el Chrome development tools, para ello aprieta la tecla F12, luego define unos breakpoints en tu código de JavaScript y ejecuta el programa línea por línea con la tecla F11 <html> <head> <meta charset="utf-8"> <style> p { font-size: x-large; } </style> </head> <body> <p id="Hola">0</p> <button onclick= "Suma()">Suma 1</button> <script> function Suma(){ var valor=document.getElementById("Hola").innerText; valor = parseInt(valor); var nuevoValor = valor + 1; document.getElementById("Hola").innerText = nuevoValor; } </script> </body> </html>


Alessandro Velasco Atom is a good editor.


You don't install Javascript on you computer as long as you have a browser you can run your Javascript script


Do you know some editor for javascript?


Basically you don't install Javascript on a computer, you can run it directly from you html page or create a .Js file and add it to you page once done open that page via a browser