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Python best for scraping financial data from websites?

I would like to pull financial options data from websites to manipulate then output recommendations based on my criteria. The sites may not have APIs for this. Is this possible? And is there a simple method to create a GUI to change parameters and display the outputs nicely once it runs how I want it to? I still learning so apologies if I have asked something nonsensical. Thanks in advance!

11/14/2018 9:13:36 AM

Nick Collins

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Mmm,I don’t know it for 100% but i met with problem like yours once and i think that answer to your to questions is for 87,65% NO,it is not possible.I hope i helped you.😉


A year later and on completing the Sololearn course, I come across this: ''For scraping data from websites, the library BeautifulSoup is very useful, and leads to better results than building your own scraper with regular expressions.'' The game is afoot.


Strange answer Ben