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Theoretical vs practical programming

How does one get to practice all he has learnt in programming. I love coding, I love writing codes, I love the math involved in Python, the abstract reasoning, metal pictures of what you should do. But what I'd like to know is how I will be able to use the knowledge I've gathered so far to produce stuff. My interests are game development, imbedded systems, machine learning(most preferably). I'd really appreciate valid advices, no crap talk. Thanks

11/12/2018 2:00:54 PM

Kingsley Wizard🇳🇬

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I think a great approach would be to start with chosing a real practical problem to solve. I am coming from nearly the inverse of your perspective, I had a need to develop a solution but lacked theoretical training. Maybe a modeling problem related to work or a personal interest that you are very familar with would be best. The reason I suggest selecting a problem as opposed to defined task is that the problem will dictate the options that you have. Those restrictions will force you to be creative and lead you to think differently about the tools you already know how to use. Appropriately quantifying a real world item or action in terms your model can use is a great challenge that isn’t recognized until you are in the process of attempting to do it, regardless of how familar you may be with the item.


do practical and theoretical together.........