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How does Sololearn make money? [THEORIES]

If you know, please say. I will post what I know and my ideas as an answer. Feel free to post your own. ps. I've seen posts about this deleted. Kinda suspicious

1/6/2017 10:41:22 PM

Ahri Fox

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The explanation is that they have a seed round (money given to start a business from investors until they can generate money) led by Learn Capital, with many other private investors. This is how they have money to run this. However, supposedly they need to make money for those investors. I have a couple ideas... 1a: They're not making money. They've taken the funds and decided to not earn anything, despite the investors. 1b: They're not making money, but the investors are okay with this. Programming jobs are in demand, and creating more programmers may indirectly earn them money. 2a: They're making money. How? Well there is a saying that if something is completely free, maybe you're the product. Perhaps they're selling data about us from our phones to companies. 2b: They're making money, because it's a charitable cause. I guess. 3: They will roll out ways to monetize their platform at a later date, and it's currently free to bring in as much users as possible so they can get the most money from them. I love this app, and their platform, and think the work they are doing is awesome. But companies have to make money, or they die. So either they die due to 1a, or somehow make money off the other options. I'm hoping it's not 2a or 3.


Just saw an ad for a bootcamp on here. Looks like they chose option 3.


@Ahri "home country"?? What if developers are aliens?? ^_^


In all seriousness though, I doubt there is much you will have to worry about. just keep your spam filters on and ad blockers too. There's one thing I have that I am forgetting in addition to the ad block...


Its an experiment by the government to build elite hackers lol


glad that I didn't use my business email. HR and IT would be pissed 😂


Lol, 2a is a distinct possibility 😉


@andres alvarez there are more foreigners than citizens using this app. If that's the case, they're failing their home country


Whatever they may be doing ...its awesome!!!......Nothing can be more pious than helping people learn things...and that too selflessly.GOD bless Sololearn 😇😇 Now that they have enabled advertisements, even that option is fine by me, even the best maybe.


@Prashant Chavan that adds nothing to what we currently already know, but it does confirm it. Sololearn is living off investment funding, with some money coming from affiliate sign-ups to coding bootcamps.


Its in the privacy policy that they can use your data.. i say they will take your email and sell it to companies with the information that you took a [Python,C++...]course(s)


They will earn money, when platform become greater. After that they will sell data and statistics of our profiles to rekruting companies. This makes searching for needed IT specialist much faster and better. Second way to monetization is premium accounts to user. When platform become famous around the World , you will get this kind of account to get access for features which gets your profile much effective to get new job, projects, etc.


no bro its not a self service org. its really make their money in a different ways but prob is that might be no one know accept them. but if we think out of the box their is a possibility to get donation for there work by other programmer or consumer's but might be it will not work as we think coz no one want to give their money with out excepting anything. Charities that's r other fack coz that including humanities & religions. So if we think deep in the box we can get really a reason of their money making. So lets starts you know low level programmer who work on the root level of computer. They don't earn money from consumers they earn money from providers as like windows or mac. As like language developer they don't deals with consumers like normal developer or programmer so they needs more programmer for selling their ide or any other environmental products like visual studio or code X. So they try to make able people to use those language or environmental products. This way this app genarating crowds & inspiring them & makes them able to work with that environments. This way they r making clints & make their money. But in this way they are not only making money but also making tons of developers which help our communities to make some thing better then today....


Check out these, might be helpful:


maybe they sell our data to the investors that back them financially PS...i also think it's suspicious that they delete posts like these


they now earn money from sololearn pro and ads


The forecast is accurate. :>


My son was charged 20.00 for all the courses. He was told it was a 399.00 value. I just found out and now researching this company. He got some for free, then when signed up for more was charged the 20.00.


They can provide higher level courses and charge for it. I want to pay if the price is reasonable. I really like the idea of doing some basic coding and playing a game with others on my way to work. I learn the most from the playing part.


We are being used in a sneaky way to program AI modules. The AI modules are designed to teach it self coding languages and will ultimately become fully autonomous. However, first it needs to learn how to make decisions, this is where we come in place. We are millions of teachers making simple decisions in which their AI algorithms are developed from. Nothing is free, even when it feels free.