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★Yahoo!! SoloLearn's Fun Section !!!

Can we have a fun section in the sololearn...with nice jokes, stories, funny posts, experiences, etc...& we can have an exclusive badge too for that... Its just to refresh out our mind...wouldn't it be nice... What do u think??

1/6/2017 7:51:38 PM


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Yes than they can add a television viewing section for entertainment and then some sort of all those creepy things and make it a rather funny app instead of its main objective of learning. Hope you understand.


Oh! come on...we r having that same creepy stuff lying there in between the posts in QA & coding section...& it's Trending too(& popular too)...& those sections r just not serving their purpose... that's y I came up with this idea...so that each section can serve it's real purpose... Hope you understand...


The QA section is for clearing out the doubts of the programmers usually newbies...but it has got filled with TRENDING JOKES, issues about SoloLearn(which can be submitted via feedback option too), & much other unusual stuff...so it's my request to have a cure of that...


Let's see what our peers think about this... if more goes against then I'll remove this post... :)


But sololearn's main objective was to create a place for better learning rather than doing fun stuff, and there are some useful programs and question also as code of the day or question of the day respectively. So it would be better if it remained only a place for learning.