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First code + problems

Hi guys ! I just have written my first code and wanted to share with you but: 1. It does work (kind off) on my VisualStudio but does not work on SoloLearn Code playground. Any ideas why ? 2. In VisualStudio it works as intended only if I choose option "B" or when I press different key than "A" or "B" If I press "A" or "Escape" to exit it does go through else statements as well. Any help or info would be appreciated. Thanks ! Code on my profile "Code#001" or link


11/10/2018 1:07:29 PM


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Please put the language you use in the tags. Be aware that on sololearn you need to give all input before the code is processed. Because the code runs on a remote server. So you cannot use the do while loop with ConsoleKey.Escape Console.ReadKey changed in Console.Read Console.Clear you cannot use The rest of the code is fine.


Probably Sololearn code playground doesn't support such things.



Thank you for your time and tips Roneel & sneeze :)